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Indoor electronic pest control - Pest Repeller Ultimate AT
outdoor electronic pest control - The Guardian

Indoor Pest Control

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

Q: What is your Best and Newest Pest Repeller?

A: The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT (Advanced Technology) was just launched and is easily the Best Indoor Pest Repeller. It is the only pest repeller on the market today to include all of the following features: Electromagnetic, Ionic, Ultrasonic, and Electro-Vibrawave.

Q: What is the AT’s life span?

A: Life span of 2-5 years.

Q: Will the ultrasonic sound effect my pets?

A: While rare, it is possible that some cats and dogs may hear the sounds produced by the Ultimate AT. Each pet and situation is different, so our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee will give you time to use the AT around your pets and ensure it doesn’t bother them.

If you have rodent pets, it’s recommended you place them in a different room from the Ultimate AT so the ultrasonic sounds don’t scare them.

Q: How many do I need?

A: Depending on the size of customer’s house, it’s recommended they use two units on each floor – one on each side.

Q: How much area does the AT cover?

A: It's designed to cover 5,000 sq. feet in an open warehouse-type setting (no walls or solid barriers).

Please Click Here for additional information on coverage area and choosing the right number of units for your home.

Q: If the Electronic Pest Control Products cover 3,500-5,000 Sq Ft. Why do you recommend multiple units?

A: The Electronic Pest Control Products do cover 3,500- 5,000 Sq. Ft., we recommend using more than one unit for a couple reasons. It doesn't matter what Electronic Pest Control unit on the market if they use Ultrasonic sounds the ultrasonic sounds are only effective in the living space where the unit is placed and won't reach around walls and into other rooms. By using multiple units you are able to strategically place the units through out your home or office and effectively distribute the Ultrasonic Pest Control through out the structure, optimizing your overall Electronic Pest Control Pest Repelling Power. If you have a multi level structure it is good to place at least one unit on each level. The Electromagnetic feature will effectively travel through out your home or office from a single unit. We want to optimize your overall results and it has been our experience that more than one unit in use simultaneously presents greater results. One unit is better than no units but multiple unit results are better than single unit results.

Please Click Here for additional information on coverage area and choosing the right number of units for your home.

Q: What is the minimal amount I need?

A: If you only want one unit per floor, it’s recommended to place the unit in the center of the floor level.

Q: How do the Electronic Pest Control units work?

A: The Electronic Pest Control Units work in three ways first they utilizes Ultrasonic sound waves which bounce off walls, furniture, floors, and ceilings. Then the Electromagnetic Pest Control sends a signal through your wiring tuned to affect the pests hiding with in walls, attics, basements and those hard to reach areas. Thirdly the Ionic Pest Control sends beneficial Negative Ions into the living areas which travel through out your home or office causing the Pests to seek shelter elsewhere at the same time aiding in improving air quality.

Q: What are the different technologies the AT uses?

A: Three electronic technologies: Ultrasonic, Ionic and Electromagnetic

  • Ultrasonic These high-pitched sound frequencies are inaudible to humans yet extremely irritable to rodents and insects. Our exclusive high pressure transducer (speaker) pulses powerful sound waves that bounce off walls and constantly torments insects and rodents until their only choice is to flee. We use the most modern Ultrasonic technology and equipment.

  • Ionic This technology uses negative ions to pull pollutants such as food odors (which attract pests), bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere while purifying the air you breathe. The Ultimate AT also creates the feeling of an approaching storm by emitting a stream of negative ions (naturally produced during a lightning storm) that charge the air and force pests to seek shelter elsewhere.

  • Electromagnetic Our Electro-Vibrawave® technology sends pulses throughout your wiring to repel pests nesting behind your walls, floorboards and cracks. Your current wiring actually attracts pests, so the electromagnetic technology shifts the natural pulses into frightening vibrations. By shifting the signal in your wiring, the electromagnetic pulses turn pests’ breeding grounds into a hostile, uninviting environment. This innovative technology will have no effect on your electronics.

Q: Do the technologies work constantly or intermittently?

A: All three technologies are constantly working round the clock. The blinking lights on the device show that each technology is working correctly and is constantly functioning.

Q: Does the AT travel through solid barriers?

A: The powerful Ultrasonic sounds will actually bounce off walls to create a more daunting environment for rodents and insects. The only technology that travels through walls is Electromagnetic, because it uses the wiring within your walls to scare away hidden pests.

Please Click Here for additional information on coverage area and choosing the right number of units for your home.

Q: What makes your product better than any others?

A: Many products out there are good, but some of them are very expensive and very ineffective. Some units use only Ultrasonic technology while others use only Electromagnetic. Our Pest Repeller Ultimate® utilizes both Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Control and to top it all off uses Ionic Pest Control which no other unit has yet to copy. In fact our manufacturer has been producing Electronic Pest Control Products for many years as well as developing some of the best Ionic technology, and we provide all three powerful Electronic Pest Control Products in one small, powerfully designed Electronic Pest Control unit.
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Outdoor Pest Control

The Guardian™

Q: Can I hear the frequencies emitted by the Guardian?

A: The sound waves emitted by The Guardian are audible to humans. The sound pitch and fluctuation changes when you alter the frequency for each specific pest – guaranteeing you target the pest with the most deterring sound.

Different Sound Modes:

  • The alarm mode is siren-like and fluctuates in pitch.
  • The ultrasonic mode emits less irritating sounds to humans, some of which are barely audible.

Q: What is the remote control for?

A: The remote control is an exclusive feature for most pest control devices and extremely convenient. In case the pest is outside of The Guardian’s motion sensor range, you can simply click your remote and manually trigger the device whenever you want. No need to move The Guardian around or adjust the angle of the motion sensor, with the remote you can activate the device from up to 500 feet away.

Q: What are the different power options?

A: The Guardian™ has two power options. You can operate the unit on electricity (using the 6ft. AC adaptor, included with purchase). Or, you can run the Guardian on four D-size batteries (sold separately).

Q: What is the Frequency Index?

A: The Frequency Index is on the inside back plate of the Guardian. It basically lists the different pests the Guardian can repel and the pitch you need to set the frequency dial to. This way, you can have the Guardian repel only certain animals without disturbing others.

Q:What is the Frequency Dial?

A: The Frequency dial is the black knob inside the unit that allows you to set a specific pitch to repel a specific pest. To do so, turn the dial until the little arrow on the knob is in line with the right-pointing arrow on the Frequency Index.

Q: Is the Guardian water proof?

A: The Guardian is water resistant as long as you put it in the clear plastic “rain jacket” when being used outdoors.

Q: Should I leave it outside during extreme hot or cold weather?

A: We recommend that you bring the Guardian inside if the temperature falls below 0°C/32°F (freezing) or above 38°C/100°F.  Outside of this range the electronic components in the unit can become damaged, which will void your warranty.

Q: Where can I mount the Guardian?

A: The Guardian can be mounted on trees, walls, fences or the side of your house using the cutout brackets on the back of the device. The material is durable plastic and forest green so it will blend in anywhere.

Q: Is the Guardian motion sensitive or continuous?

A: The Guardian has both options! You can choose if you'd like your Guardian to emit continuous sound, or run only on a motion sensor - with the motion sensor you can choose from ultrasonic sound or an audible alarm mode.

Q: How does the motion-sensor work?

A: The Guardian detects motion by using a specialized thermal sensor that detects small changes in heat in front of the unit.  This means that an animal moving within 100 ft. of the Guardian can cause shift in the level of heat in the area and cause the device to activate.  Certain animals (like mice or rats) may be too small to generate enough heat to activate the Guardian (when on a motion setting).  In those situations we would recommend using the Continuous sound setting rather than using the motion sensor to activate the sound.

Q: What else might cause the unit to activate?

A: In some cases, sources of directed light (like flashlights or car headlights) aimed directly at the unit can contain enough infrared light to activate the unit.  Nearby mirrors can also reflect infrared light, potentially causing the Guardian to activate.  Keep this in mind when choosing where to set up and install the Guardian.

Q: Where do I set the sensitivity and alarm volume?

A: If you are using this unit continuously on the ultrasonic setting, you will not need to adjust these settings. If you are using the alarm or motion sensor, you will need to adjust these according to your individual situation.

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Q: What guarantee do you provide?

A: We are certain that you like our many other satisfied customers will be very happy with the results of our Electronic Pest Control Products. We even give you our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee on any product you purchase from us. Also, don't forget to visit our Testimonials page.
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